Gain more visibility and connect with those whose preferences match your community

Our proprietary search and filter tool is not just another online directory. With visibility on MyLifeSite, you’ll reach more retirees who are seeking what your community offers. It also shows that you understand the value transparency. We are unbiased in our approach and do not get paid using referral fees. Better for you and your prospects.

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Educate your prospective residents and build credibility as a trusted source

Our comprehensive resource center provides hundreds of content pieces and media articles that are highly relevant to the questions and concerns of your prospective residents. This objectively written content can be used in third-party format or customized and self-branded for your own website, newsletters, and blogs.

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Provider greater financial clarity for your prospective residents.

Moving to a retirement community is a big financial decision. Many prospective residents try to “crunch the numbers” using a spreadsheet. The problem is that there are so many variables it’s nearly impossible to do this accurately. Why not save your prospects the time and confusion by offering our easy-to-understand financial projections and comparisons? This puts you on the same side of the table with your prospects as you cooperatively assess the financial aspects of the decision. And they can share the report with their financial advisor!

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Increase website engagement with a lifetime affordability tool.

Some people want to gauge the long-term affordability of your community on their own time. With MoneyGauge™️ from MyLifeSite, you can offer your website visitor an easy way to generate a preliminary affordability assessment that indicates whether they might be a good financial match for your community. This saves both parties valuable time of the front end!

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